Wonderful and Ridiculous!

There is a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous. – unknown
Boy is the above quote true! I have silly and ridiculous covered and the proof will follow below. 
Absent from blogging but thinking about blogging and the new year to come with a renewed sprit. I certainly will say that I’m looking forward to spending meaningful days with my family and enjoying the holidays. The house is all Christmasy, the presents are bought and wrapped, well 95% done anyway! Now it is on with some baking and holiday visits with friends. Blogging will be part of that!

I want to show you the best photo. My favorite photo of the season. Heck! I think this is my favorite holiday ANYTHING! Emily’s childhood best friend Ansley gave her this fabulous ornament. A tribute to our sweet angel Jackson. Look who’s beautiful face is reflected in the ornament. Jackson’s mommy. Can something so small be so precious? Here is the mix, I smile and cry everytime I look at this photo. Love is like that I think, a mix of tears and joy. 

I promised you silly and ridiculous in the above quote. Someone who is typing this blog had a birthday..it was a whopper too! My friend Mary Carol gave me this fabulous birthday facinator. It is a martini glass worn stylishly on the head to celebrate this auspicious occasion. The photo is of Suzanne and myself. 
Apparently I DID NOT look like Kate Middleton, as I was so convinced. I was rockin the hat but I was wrong and HERE is the proof. Lesson learned, one really should take a long look in the mirror.

Onward to tons of great stuff going on!!!!