A Cover Girl!

We turn not older with years but newer every day. 
-Emily Dickinson

LOOKIE! Well bust my buttons will you just look at this…not only do I have a quilt in the Quilt Almanac 2013 edition magazine…this sweetie pie quilt, made the cover! See her? she is on the bottom row third from the left? The magazine editors named her “Lady in Red” which is terrific. The quilt is very lady like and elegant.  I named it Mary Elizabeth. Named in honor of my youngest, fabulous daughter.  I adore this quilt (and the real Mary Elizabeth.) She is the sister quilt to my Emily Jane pattern. Both quilts are the same block but two different settings. Sister quilts, “same but different just like my girls. Yes sirree…this quilt is a special one for me. 
Kristie found copies of the book today at Barnes and Noble so they should be coming to stores everywhere. There are some terrific quilts in this edition, some of my designer friends are in this issue too. That really made me happy

We have kits for this quilt on my website now! Kristie has been cutting kits like crazy. I swear I love the fabrics so much I want to make another one.  Here is the link for the kits

Planning a little sew along. Come back on Wednesday for the big reveal. This will be my first sew along. whooop whooop.

I told you I was going to bring some new and soooper fun things to my blog and web site. We are going to have the funnest fun that ever was fun. Here we go!