All who win joy must share it, happiness was born a twin.
-Lord Byron

Have you ever thought about how technology improves our sewing lives? We sew better, faster, more efficiently with amazing creativity. All this is terrific, but we here at the January escape from technology, get out in the country,enjoy each other, sew our brains out, relax and eat cheetos. Yes, we are away from the pressures of being tied to technology and the time “being connected” robs from our important sewing goals.

Sewing is the first priority.

Look around. We are so productive.

It is good to be alone with your sewing machines.

No need to muti task here no no no.

We like to gather together and discuss important topics of our time.
Women and intellectual pursuits.

Can you imagine how you would enjoy 4 days of uninterrupted sewing. How many quilts could you finish if you came to retreat?

Busy quilt shop owners like to get away from the world and sew too. They need a break.

Things are rough around here.

One of us didn’t get the message about “getting disconnected” and insisted on bringing HER ipad…SEE ABOVE! She got it for Christmas, her whole family chipped in and gave her a new pad.
Isn’t love grand.

Gotta go I think someone is texting me. Oh it is Leslie she is sitting across the room. This must be important!