Fun is on the way

Light tomorrow with today – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

There is some major packing and the usual craziness of getting ready to host a retreat. This year I am hosting 2 retreats so we double the crazy and double the fun! We will have fun fun fun til we can’t take it any more. I have some projects I would love to get finished but that never seems to happen. Keep your fingers crossed okay?
Don’t forget that the Snowbound Quilt Along begins this Friday February 3rd. Kristie, Brenda and I are working together to make the first Silver Thimble Quilt Along a huge success. It is still not too late to get your pattern and supplies to join us. Check out the blog post right here for the details. Come join us for some quilty fun!

 I’ve got to run and finish a project that has a deadline attached. Then I’m full speed ahead toward retreats in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia. (I’m going to miss the Earl de Schlep a bunch!)
 If you can’t be with us in person I’m going to make sure you are with us in blog land. I pinky swear.

Tomorrow I want to tell you about a very special person in my life! I’ll be back.