Quilty Fun!

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.- Hal Borland

Quilty fun is exhausting. Just got back from a terrific retreat and now I’m off to THIMBLES the best weekend of the month. I’ll be snapping photos of quilts for you to see my friends. I am always in hot pursuit of eye candy for my blogging friend. I have left some photos off from retreat that I did not get a chance to blog about. Let’s look!

Julie’s house quilt! I love this little villiage. This quilt was born from a block trade our sewing friends did. This is a favorite quilt of mine and I love Julies’s placement of our blocks.

Pinchusion trade. A little Chinese steal your neighbors stuff. The girls always come up with some amazing pins cushions! Makes ya smile doesn’t it?

Teresa…”The Dowager Dutchess of January Retreat”. That is a bow fasinator she is wearing. Yes, sirreee rockin the bow!

DarLyn and her ABC quilt. BRIGHT and fun. I think she said she was making it for a little boy. Lucky boy! DarLyn is behind there. Hiding most probably.

Leslie finished her ABC’s paperpieced. really cute and primitive. I can’t wait to see the quilt all finished. She knows her ABC’s now. We are so proud of her.

X’s and O’s blocks…let me just spain this to you. Those blocks are tiny..very very tiny. AND WONDERFUL DarLyn made them. The girls that came from Calif. Wi, and Ill with Darlyn are INTO tiny blocks. My mouth dropped every time they started whippin blocks out.

Jean always manages to sit across from me. Then she puts on her design wall the most beautiful quilts. Look at this one. The Grey sashing is perfect and the blocks are sewn to perfection. Jean is one Helluva quilter and one fine person and friend!

Suzanne and her beautiful quilt. She worked hard on this finishish. You can’t see it real good in this photo but the fabric in the setting triangles was a grey kinda paisley, it really complimented the quilt beautifully. She also mitered the borders with Jo Morton fabric stripe and it really made this quilt something special. Good JOB SUZ!

And we conclude todays funny’s with Suzanne’s vibrator chair pad. A place to sit and look through quilting magazines if you needed to get away from the sewing machine. I ask you what group brings a vibrating chair pad to a retreat? When you come to retreat with us we will take care of everything. Gottcha covered so to speak!

Running out the door with my camera right now. 

Special note: I originally wrote this blog post on Friday 1/18. I posted it from my ipad because that is where I stuck the photos. I don’t think it ever completely hit the internet. I don’t understand, but then I don’t understand much about weird stuff like this. If you are reading this twice, I apologize. If not thanks for sticking with me. 

Thimbles weekend is over and I will bring you some groovy swell knock your socks of photos next post.