Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend. – Plautus

I ran away. I’m hiding. I’m smiling. There are cheetos here. There are 17 fabulous quilters in the room. Are you jealous yet?Ok well then strap yourself in baby I have evidence. Here we go!

Exhibit: A

Well you know you have to pack all the best sewing supplies! We have to keep up our strength.

Exhibit: B

Leisa, longarm fabuloso. She is also Halloween maniac,and she knows her way around a domestic machine. I wuv her. She is siting right next to me. She giggles A LOT!

Exhibit C:

Leisa’s quilt. Me likey.

Exhibit D:

Have mercy! Debbie D. is here from Wi. She is adorable. They have the door open I think they are pleased with Georgia weather. Look at the dime on the left…look at the hexies. Girlfriend is a sewing master.

Exhibit E:
Pat R. from Wi. She has a great quilt shop in Wisconsin. go visit her! This log cabin is one teeny block. Paper pieced thank goodness. How bout that?

Exhibit F:
Well doesn’t look like these two are sewing. I wish I had a microphone on these two.! Leslie and Debbie F.

Ok I gotta go. I’m sewing. I would like some recognition that I am also thinking of you my bloggie friends. I’ll be back!