One thing leads to another!

A friend told me I was delusional, I almost fell off my unicorn! -unknown
All I did was get a new sewing machine from Santa. Now I have this!
And then there is this. Whatta mess.

Oh!!! and as if I haven’t turned over the apple cart. I’ve got the Earl de Schelp spackling walls. He is so happy. I think he has written a sternly worded note to Santa asking him to never make such a monumental gift next year has he did in 2012! Who knows, another big gift like this and I may bring in contractors and add another wing onto to the estate! (I’m into Downton Abby right now, please leave me to my delusions).

Notice while he is spackling, the new sewing machine is on, junk is all over the place and I am test driving the new baby. Nothing wrong with me, we all have our  priorities. 

In the midst of all this joy. I have to get sicko. First time in 12 years I have come down with a cold/cough and icky feeling. I guess I deserve this after all I have put Santa through. Did I tell you I had him spray painting table legs in the backyard too? Should have taken a picture of that! It was so wrong. (I’m so sorry, kinda.)

The sewing room is looking much better I’ll bring you on a tour when I finish it. Right now I’m going to lay down and sneeze and cough.  If I don’t get to sew something soon I’m going to go crazy.