Those amazing Show and Tell’s

But frienship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine. – Thomas Jefferson 

We had a rockin group at all the Thimbles meetings this past weekend. It seems like January is just a time to put the sewing machines in high gear and bring some fabulous show and tell projects. Between Retreat and Thimbles I have seen some inspiring projects. I’m itching to sew today so let me pass some eye candy along to you right now. Then I’m off to the sewing room.
I wish I could remember who was working on this amazing stocking. I believe they said the pattern was  Primitive Gatherings. I loved this so much I could not take my eyes away to look at the person that laid it on the table. (I really worry about myself sometimes. Show me a great project and my head spins off my shoulders.)

Karmen and her quilt for her son. Gorgeous! terrific? Outstanding! but then…. that is just Karmen!

 Linda’s quilt. She is amazing too! I love the chocolate and red with a splash of blue combo. 
 Sarah’s darling redwork above and a closeup of one of the blocks. Leisa did some outstanding custom quilting (as usual!). Sooper nice Sarah and Leisa!
 Marty, well what can I say. Itty Bitty, She is making this from leaders and enders. When it is complete I will be ended! I will possibly faint.
  Karmen again a quilt for the other son. Those boys are lucky dudes.
This is unbelievable! Teresa, she needle turned the entire quilt. I love this quilt way too much. Is that possible? 
These precious girls were sewing in the classroom next to us. They made messenger bags. How cute are they? I want to take them home and sew all day with them. They were so proud of their bags. Can quilting be far behind? I hope not!
Ok, I’m going to sew today if it is the last thing I do. I’ve been in front of this computer tooooo long.