January Retreat Seriously!

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. – James Matthew Barrie

Retreat so stressful. All we do is sew. It is like sweat shop.I think we are wearing down. I want to show you some amazing sights. You will be so happy.

Leisa finished her Halloween quilt. She said it is the last one she is going to make. (humm me thinks not). Nice huh?

This quilt is named “Dipped in Chocolate” by Button Stitch Designs. Those little 4 patch units are finished at 1 1/2″ little..bitty… Some of the girls traded 4 patches. 800 of them! I repeat 800! uh huh. with sashing. Made by Debbie F.

She should be laughing. She is probably on her way to the funny farm. 800 four patches….As if they didn’t have enough to do. They traded THESE!

SERIOUSLY??? This quilt was on the cover of Sew Scrappy 2010 I think the quilt is Miss Kathy’s Quilt. I hope Miss Kathy is happy!

Debbie is. I’m in shock!

Look at that iron Vicki brought. You could make a ton of grilled cheese sandwiches with that machine!

This is serious sewing.

Yes it is quite and serious.

Reverent and respectful. Look at Leslie in the background she is sticking to task and laughing all the way.

More later friends!