Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Thank you all for your fun comments and  good wishes. I drew the winning name in a most scientific way. I put the names on crummy pieces of paper and threw them in a bowl with a little chip on the side of the bowl. (that was complimentary). I closed my eyes and stuck my hand in the bowl and grabbed a name!  
(The other hand was holding a cuppa coffee)
Comeon down Anne and claim your loot. You said you would be jealous if I got this machine. Don’t be jealous come to my house and you can sew on it.  Email me and give me your snail mail address!
What has Anne won? lucky girl!!!
She won a copy of Miz Carrie Nelson’s  ( BTW she is a very nice person, just so ya know) second book Another Bite of Schnibles 
A magic wand from my friend Deb you can measure and mark those 1/4″ seams. (No you cannot turn a frog into a prince with the magic wand!) I love my wand.
A small Silver Thimble Quilt Co. notions bag. That one in the photo is mine,you will get a new empty one. 
A little stack of scrappy fabrics from my stash (great for applique!) It’s a mish mosh of goodies!
So now that the drama of the winning name has been completed (I’m tellin you this is stressful. I want everyone to win!) What did Pat get from Santa? 
Oh Yes she did! (The new 7 series machine too!)
I really put a lot of time and research into this decision I read a lot and the comments people sent me were fabulously helpful. Bottom line WE ALL  have amazing machines to choose from on the market. I think there are other machines that are just as great, oh yes there are! Finding the machine that best fits our needs is a process. Obviously, I’m not the person that buys the first thing I see, so with that being said, I think I found the best machine for ME. The dividing line and what finally pushed me toward this machine is my beloved 18 year old 1090S Bernina. That machine has never skipped a stitch or been into the store for a problem. Not once in 18 years (and I run my machine more than your average quilter…it is pedal to the metal around here!) She goes to the “Spa” for a cleaning and relaxation once a year and that is it. So that is what drove me to Bernina. Reliablity and trust from the past 18 years. 
The down side of this! You won’t believe the havoc I have done to my sewing room getting it ready to move the new baby in the room. I’ll take some photos. OH MY!  
Tomorrow I’ll be posting about my first Stitch Along. yippee!