How much fun can one person have?

A friend is a treasure.More special than gold. For love shared is priceless and never grows old. – unknown

Getting ready for Retreat Deux! I have made 5 tons of Spaghetti Pie, Brownies, Taco meat cooked and in the freezer, and chopped veggies galore! Just the beginning of the Silver Thimble Feast. Sewing is a side note to the eating. I have some grocery shopping to do this afternoon and goodie bags to prepare and we are all set. 32 quilters will hit the mountain ready to party for 4 days.

I wanted to show you some more fun from Retreat 1 before I have to load the camera with photos from Retreat 2. You don’t want to miss this, NO NO NO.

Fabulous antique quilt Bonnie brought to show and tell. Some of the silk were old cigar wrappers. Brenda (who is a certified appraiser) said she thought the quilt might be a mourning quilt because of the black fabric.

This is just a small shot of a portion of the room. Looks like everyone is busy and behaving. They probably saw me with the camera.

Linda’s nine patch. Really nice but I think the photo does not do it justice.

This quilt was presented to Rosalie from Maxine. Rosalie was was doing her show and tell and said that she does not keep her quilts she gives them all away. WELL! Maxine proceeds to whip out this quilt which Rosalie had made for Maxine’s shop and said “Well now you have a quilt that you made that you can keep”. AREN’T QUILTERS THE BEST? sniff sniff.

This is an afgan that Kristie made. She spun the wool herself and made this. I don’t not spin wool. I do love sheep and lambies. I would love to have one but I think my neighbors might object and report me to the homeowners association. I would like to have a little donkey too.Just sayin.

Sydney’s beautiful black and yellow. Love it.Want it.

Paula. Soooper dooooper. Don’t cha love red and anything?

I think when you end up in a ditch in the snow a beer is required. Nervous survivor!

Paula and her stars. She is a quilting super star too.

Maxine made this cutie pie bucket thingy. We are going to make these at retreat next year. If we don’t make these I will not be happy.

In the south we tend to act like crazy people when it snows. See Kristie trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue? We do these things in the south. Please forgive us. Come join us in July and August…we will see how you can survive the heat. hahahaha

See you soon. The fabulous 32 are on there way up the mountain and will be here tomorrow. (I need a nap first)

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