Retreat #1 so much fun!

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. – Robert A. Heinlein

As I write this blog post I have said goodbye to the first group of retreaters and I am still at the lodge with my friend Jane awaiting the arrival on Thursday of my second group of retreaters! We are sewing and relaxing for today. Tomorrow I will have to start cooking and getting everything ready for the next group to arrive on Thursday.

I cannot tell you how much fun we had Thursday – Sunday with the first group. This group was a combination of friends from home and groups of people that I have met while traveling and teaching. So these folks didn’t really know each other. I wondered how this would go and if the groups would just stay within their own little groups. Within 3 minutes of arrival I knew these ladies were going to be the best of friends really quick. They were bouncing all over the room and sharing their projects and in general having a ball! By Sunday they were planning and talking about next year! My heart is so full of joy for the opportunity to bring these ladies together and watch the quilting magic appear before my eyes. Once again I am reminded of how blessed my life is.

There was tons of cooking and snacking and great show and tells. Laughter was abundant and shenanigans prevailed! JOY RISING.

I seem to bring weather events to this place every time I come. I drove through perhaps the worst rain I have ever seen in my life to get here. If you heard the weather last Wednesday the town of Adairsville was hit by a tornando and flattened! Guess who was driving straight toward all that! White knuckles all the way. SWELL! Then on Saturday what happens? We get 5-6 inches of snow dumped on us. While it was magical to be in the sewing room looking out at the Mountains and all that stuff. We did have a group that had gone to the local quilt store (they needed to see some fabric HA!) They ended up in a ditch at the bottom of the mountain and had to be rescued. Swell! All turned out okay but but what could have happened was more than scary!

Here is our little group of adventure seeking quilters. Safe and sound. Oh by the way…when the four wheel drive came to get them, they grabbed their bags of fabric before they were loaded into the truck to come back up the mountain. PRIORITIES of course.

Let me show you some fun.

Our little group of fun makers…snow and quilts. A good thing.

Clare and her lovely pink quilt. She learned a lot a retreat. Now she really knows how to stack a quilt and sew it together in a jiffy.

Maxine and her adorable YoYo basket. Everything she made was special. She owns a quilt store in Franklin North Carolina, it is a fabulous shop. Stitch n’ Time! Go visit her right now.

Sydney and her show and tell quilt. Dang, I can’t remember the name of it but I sure did like it. My brain is mushy right now.

Well look at Linda and her Scrappy Nines quilt in red. This quilt is on the cover of my book (you knew that already didn’t you?).

I don’t think Bonnie sees much snow! We were all diggin it. I think it is so hillarious..Who wears sunglasses in a snow storm? Apparently my friend Bonnie does. She is adorable.

Different Linda. Chevrons I loved this quilt. She would not give it to me. That’s okay, she is my friend and that is gift enough.

A bit of the view from my sewing spot..which I did not sit at much. I was busy and bouncing from the sewing room to the kitchen (which was behind me).

Three Linda’s! Stair steps!

OOOOOHH LA LA Debbie’s quilt. So bright and happy. (she would not give me that quilt, are you seeing a pattern here?)

Debbie and her Row a Along quilt. Each participant sews a row and adds it to the quilt. The owner doesn’t see the quilt until the end. This trade lasted about a year. The quilt is simply fabulous and wonderful and special. It blew my skirt up I think I spilled a whole bag of Cheetos when she pulled the quilt out.

The next time someone says they don’t like solids…I’m going to show them this quilt. I’m going to smack them on the head with this photo… Yes I am. Holey Cow what a spectacular quilt. Maxine made it. She would not give it to me. I considered theft, but I like Maxine.

Keepin it real my friends, we have to keep up our strength. More fun to come!

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