Sick! And a Delay!!!!

My love for you is not like rain, which comes and goes away. But its like sky, moves with you all around. -Raghav Singh

My post about the Snowbound Quilt A Long for tomorrow may be delayed until Saturday or Sunday. I got quite sick with bronchitis and double ear infections and blown ear drums last week while I was in the mountains hosting my retreats. I went a  doctor but apparently the antibiotic prescribed (and the other 5 prescriptions)  did me little or no good. I may be worse now than I was a week ago.

I feel so bad that I went to my doctor today and have been ordered to bed with new meds. If I’m not better by Monday who knows what my doctor will do. (maybe chop my head off!)  All I know is that I am throwing in the towel and will just hope these meds kick in real fast. 

I have a long post on the Snowbound Quilt A Long but it is not ready for launch tomorrow and I need to take those meds!!!!  I promise I will get back to you by Saturday or Sunday. Please forgive me for this delay. I want to show you some great applique tutorials so I hope it will be worth the wait. 

We will be cutting more background kits as soon as some new fabrics I have ordered arrive. If you contacted me by email about this, hopefully we can get the out by the end of next week. This pattern and all the kits are so popular!! whoopp whoopp…cough cough.  

BTW for the record this is the first time in 12 years I have been sick. I don’t DO SICK! I’m too busy to be SICK. I hate sick! I’m sick about being sick.

cough, cough, cough…

And happy valentines day too!
Send me some comments, that will heal me up real quick.