Back to Normal and SNOWBOUND



Finally! I’m up and going. Sewing and bloging are the order of the day (and maybe a tiny nap). I have had a lot of time for reflection (in between 32 boxes of kleenex, and yes I did count them).  I believe the above quote kinda says it all. Taking time, slowing down and quiet reflection is a worthwhile thing! Let’s just see the impact it has on my work!

I went out into the world on Thursday for about 2 hours. Scary out there when you have been shut in for 6 weeks. There are people everywhere!  I ran some errands and came back home. Sat down in the living room and slept for 3 hours.! Not good. Then on Friday I went to sew with great friends. That was the ticket! I enjoyed myself so much, came home and slept again. I guess this up and running is going to be a process. 

Yesterday I worked on a much delayed baby quilt for a friend. I’m planning on going to the sewing room and completing the quilt today so I’ll take some photos as proof to the world, (and myself), that I know how to turn  my new machine on.

Speaking of that new machine…… Sewing on a new machine is a kin to driving a new car. Have you ever gotten a new car, drove down a sunny road with the heater on full blast when the temps are +100 degrees, window wipers swishing squirting water back and forth, the radio playing music you can’t stand and the seats, steering wheel and bun (seat) warmers all in different stages of the wrong setting? Driving and pushing buttons trying to make it all stop and you are clueless! That is what having a fancy new sewing machine is like. YUP! (Note to self***the owners manual is a good thing.) Lesson 1, do not do a decorative stitch with the single hole throat plate installed = broken needle and opportunity to learn to change the needle. (mistakes are great learning opportunities right?)

The remainer of this blog post is dedicated to those who are participating in the SNOWBOUND QUILT ALONG. So if you are leaving me now I’ll be blogging tomorrow, enjoying getting back to normal again! Well, at least what is “Normal” for me…

Snowbound Quilt Along friends join me here…here for your next post. Let’s go!