You can do anything but not everything. – David Allen

All I can say is that I had a POX on my house. Thank goodness I am on the other side of sick. FINALLY! See the above quote. I am trying to remember this and readjust my moving at breakneck speed lifestyle. It is not so surprising that I got so sick. I need to slow it down a bit. Words to live by but not so easy to figure out how to do. 
I had so many things to blog about my retreats in the mountains and other fabulousness. I missed the chance to show you some of the photos so I will go back to that, and into the present and future leaving 22 boxes of Kleenex in the dust!

First of all to my Snowbound friends.

Thank you for letting me be sick and quietly waiting for my next post. I’m back on track and that post will be winging its way to you tomorrow. Get ready for some more snow goodies.  For those who think they have missed the chance to get in on this Quilt Along..join us. We are restocked with background kits which will be available on the web site right here.

Remember this? Lady in Red quilt in the Quilt Alamanac 2013 on  store shelves now.


Well! we have restocked the shelves and have kits available again. These kits are super popular and drop dead gorgeous. You can order from the web site using the above link as well. Here is my friend Laura with her finished quilt from our kit. She looks extra pleased!!!

I must say she is a happy newly retired camper, new Grandma and just returned from her first retreat in Ellijay too! Lots to be happy about!
Lots of stuff to share with you. It is good to feel better. Yes sireee!