Happy Quilters on Retreat

If the world’s a vale of tears, 
Smile until rainbows span it! 
Lucy Larcom 

I wanted to step back and show you some of the photos of our retreat. After being sick for over a month (and for the record I am now on my 5th round of anitbiotics) I have neglected to show off some of the fabulous times we had in Ellijay. Come on and let’s look at some quilts!and friends!
Scrappy Nines! The cover of my book…except it is in Red. Linda put some amazing workmanship into this baby. Yep!
There was some scarf making going on. We live in the South. They will be able to wear those babies for 7.5 minutes. Then we are into the capri pants.
Lookie! Marty and her Civil War quilt. Piecing bonanza!    
We had a herd (pack,flock,group,bunch,family?) of deer that came to visit us almost every day. There were 12 in all. They wanted a quilt. We promised one next year.  
Karin with a lovely finish. She can get some stuff done. Girlfriend is prolific!    
See what I mean?
Little Quilts and Mary Ellen and Jackie came to the mountain so we could shop…You would think we had never seen fabric before.
Sarah with her bundles of joy. She is a happy camper.
We loved having Leslie (left) with us for her first Ellijay retreat!!!  She and Sandra snapped up some goodies too!
Ok so we play left, right center for fat quarters everyday. One day we decided to play for $1.00. Kim was the winner. I think she was happy.
Remember that bucket list quilt and the challenge a group of us are doing? Well this is BJ and her first two. She is so adorable and happy with her blocks. She is kicking our butts because she is already on block 3! I’m signing off right now because I’m still on block 2. I’ll show them too you in a blog post soon. Good job BJ  (can you slow down pahleeeze!)

 Good bye Retreat...until next year.