I find it shelter to speak to you. Emily Dickenson

How is this possible? After 5 different antibiotics and a month of being sick.I thought I was well, but NO, I relapse. Back to the doctor.  I now find myself on the 6th antibiotic and more predisone. Then there is this, “Dr. am I contagious?” I said. “Absolutely!” she said. I fell off the table in shock. How can this be. I own stock in 5 different companies and their antibiotics??? I’m putting myself in self imposed quarantine. Swell. It has been 5 days now, 5 more to go.

As God is my witness I will leave this house on Friday!  (Love that Scarlett O, such drama)

Oh well, I spent national quilting day with a needle in my hand. I’m stitching some tea towels. This is my third. You can look at this one way or another. I’m either WAY behind or REALLY getting a jump on things. I’m choosing the more positive approach. (work with me remember I’m not well.)

I finished reading this book which I liked very much. My book club chose it and everyone was very pleased with the choice. Take a trip to the Amazon, you will probably strike that place off your must see bucket list!

Next comes this one. I’ll get back to you on this choice. I understand the story is a bit dark/sad I guess, but quite good. Being in isolation isn’t so bad. Reading a very good thing when one is in the nut house recovery.
To help me through the final days of quarantine I made a massive list of things I can do while “puttering about the house in my slippers. 

I think I’ll start with putting up the Christmas tree.