Sewing progress

 Friendship isn’t a big thing. It is a million little things.-unknown
I spent some time yesterday with Debbie. I was so good to be out and about! Great to be with great friends. Debbie is in the middle of a house renovation. We bounced from room to room laughing and brainstorming. I love brainstorming. It is that creative process that keeps my pilot light “On” We are also working on another mystery quilt right now. Believe it or not this is a in preparation to show at fall  market. Trying to stay ahead of the game.  I’m very excited about this one! Too bad I can’t show you right? (such a tease).

I did sew a bit on Tuesday, finished that baby quilt project for a dear friend and gave it to Leisa to work her magic. Forgot to take a photo but I will share it when I get it back and get the binding on it.

Remember my bucket list quilt? The houses by Blackbird Designs.
We have a little challenge going on here. BJ is kicking our butts and is already onto house 3 or 4.  I showed you this photo before. She is really building those houses. She has a subdivision already finished.

I have finished house 1 (with some repair work) and will finish house 2 today as well. I wanted to show you the proof that I am not a total slacker. 

It needs to be ironed and see the little arch over the front door? I sewed it down and it looked a bit wonky. I think it was just an optical illusion because of the check fabric (or I’m in complete denial). I took it off last night because it was bugging me and I’m going to resew it. This will be my TV project for tonight along with some redwork. I’ll show you house #2 real soon. I have a couple of small things to add to that house as well. I am using assorted shirtings as my backgrounds. Shirtings are my thing for sure. I buy them all the time, just so no one else will get them! (This may be a form of hoarding! I’ll just move on from that thought). I’m lovin this handwork…yes sir! Super relaxing

The bottom of the houses have a row of square in a square units. I’ll be going upstairs to make those in just a few minutes. I will take some photos and share. Hint! I love Deb Tucker and her Square2 tool.  Time to sew.

Have a quilty day!