Snowbound Quilt Along Step #3

If you think my hands are full you should see my heart! – unknown

This post will be moved to the Snowbound page tomorrow. You can click on the Snowbound button on the right side of my blog posts and all the Snowbound posts will be there for you. I will leave them there for future referrence or perhaps down the road someone else will want to begin this project.
Here I am with gratitude for all who have waited for me to come up from the depths of sickness. OH MY! I have never been so sick for so long. PHOOEY! My only concern was in the lateness of the past two posts. I’m a super on time person who meets her deadlines. So being late for two postings was driving me crazy. The mind was there but the blogging was not an option. PHOOOEY! Enough let‘s sew. 

First some questions and concerns. Some of you may have some missing elements (half snowflake, bottom snow drift, middle section of Snowman scarf) in the template sections. I have a PDF file of the missing elements. Email me and I will shoot it right to you. I’m going to figure out how to put the file on my website TODAY so if you find you have some missing elements check my website for an automatic download..if not email me [email protected] These elements were corrected and patterns have been shipped out but I don’t know when or where your patterns were purchased so I can’t know who has them and who doesn’t. (swell huh?). So sorry for the inconvience. My oopsie mistake!

A fellow Snowbound Quilt Along friend wanted to know how long the quilt took to make. Well, that is difficult to answer. You could make this quilt easily in a couple of weeks if you were a pedal to the medal applique person. Sleep would be your only obstical. BJ and I sew most everyday and sometimes All day and into the night!

I love the process and every step in applique machine or blows my skirt up for sure! So I tend to loose track of the time it takes.  This Celebration series of quilts is so much fun. They are not gigantic quilts which makes the ooooh so doable. BTW we are working on a Summer Quilt for the series (BJ is sewing like crazy..I’ll catch up) I think you will love this new one. I will post when it is ready!

Another question came up about the use of fusible when using wool that has been felted. In this case the fusible is not used to stabilize the edges of the wool, it is use to adhear the motifs to the background making them easy to hand stitch, or even stitch on the machine
Ok, lets get to the applique. Have you been working on your snowmen? I want to show you some of the close ups of Brenda and Kristie’s quilt and their progress (with comments from the peanut gallery of course!)

Lookie how cute the fringe is on Kristie‘s scarf! I love this and it is so easy. Leave the end of the scarf unfinished (don’t turn the seam allowance under) and stitch a line on your sewing machine about 1/4″ away from the end..then take a needle and fringe then ends! easy peesy 

I am absolutely over the moon for Brenda’s combination of wool and some cotton fabrics. Hers is mostly wool. Kristie is doing the opposite mostly cottons but with some wool thrown in. How cute is that? Look at Brenda‘s flag.cotton and the hat is cotton too!

Here is a detail of Kristie‘s broom and hat. Notice she is throwing in some bright and funky fabric, not so primitive. See the use of those small applique pins by Clover? I use them ALL THE TIME! They are the bomb and most quilt stores are carrying them now. Look at the red lines Kristie has drawn on the broom straw. She will needle turn the straw and the red line will be her guide. Her seam allowance is very scant! She used a Frixion pen and the ink (which is tucked under and invisible anyway) will disappear when she irons her finished piece. Also, look at the white of the snowman, remember the glittery floss from the last post. It really does add some zippy doo dah.

Here is a mystery for ya. I have downloaded this picture to this blog 3 times and it comes in upside down every time. I can’t rotate it either..grrrr. Look at the scarf don’t worry about the direction of your stripes if you are using a stripe fabric. It is so cute so don’t worry about fussy cutting!


Enough of that. Next we are going to climb some snowy trees. In the above photo (upside down again!) you can see that Kristie has cut her trees out and basted them to the background. Here we find that in larger motifs it is better to baste them to the background than using the Clover pins. I’m not talking out of both sides of my mouth here! What I’m saying is, use the right tool for the right job. This works best and gives you lots of opportunity to shop for more goodies! 

Brenda’s tree is stitched and ready to go. Her beautiful hand dyed wool is so perfect for this project! Look at the snowdrift too. (my heart is beating so fast I love it so much. I am easily entertained).

A detail of her stitching and the wool see how the hand dyed wool has subtle changes in value depending on how the wool absorbs the dye. I believe Brenda is using small pins there to hold the wool down. Again you can use a fusible product or your glue pen. Try some different things and you can settle on what works for you. 


Here is a finished tree. Brenda’s!She did a chain stitch with floss for the string on the mittens and birdhouse hook. As far as the background snowflakes, we will talk about that next post. Look at the photo closely can you see the little bit of cotton fabric that she used? This is a test.

For the next 2 weeks or so work on making your trees (or get caught up and make the trees too, I know how it is, getting behind is an easy thing. You better get going now YOU CAN DO IT!) 

Next post. 2 weeks. March 20th this gives you 2 weeks. I won’t be late this time.. no sireee!