Snowbound Repost

A repost for those unable to view the page on the left side bar. What is up with that?

March 24: Snowbound Quilt Along Post #4
I know you are busy with your applique. I hope you have found this to be an enjoyable process. The motif are easy and not too delicate and super detailed. We love the way the motifs “fill the space” giving you opportunities to change and rearange the designs. BJ and I are all about changing things up to make them personal for you. GO FOR IT!

Important announcement. This snowman in the outside border is accidentally reversed in your pattern. He is located on page 14 of your pattern.

If you are NOT reversing patterns for the type of appique you are doing, you will need to reverse this one. The easy way to reverse an applique is to flip the page over and trace our design on the back side of the pattern. Voila..reversed. A light box comes in handy here or you can put a plain white piece of paper down with the flipped pattern on top and the lines will show up a lot better. 

Square each of your blocks to 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″ 

If you don’t have a ruler that measures 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″ you can put two rulers together to achieve the same results. This little step is important to the overall sewing/acuracy of this project and any other quilting project. I’m a huge believer in the squaring up process. Besides it make the end block all nice and tidy too!

When you join the blocks it will be important to pay close attention to the point where the two corner triangles meet. Brenda put a pin to mark the spot so that she was sure to match that point.  Smart!!!!

Then she pressed the seams open. This will help her later when she is appliqueing the half flakes down.

Here is Kristie’s all sewn together with those seams matched! Hip Hip HoooRay!

 After you have joined the blocks (isn’t this quilt going to be sooo stinkin cute, it is lookin good at this point!) It is time to mark the edge 1/4″ seams and lay your cut out half flake on each side of the quilt. We used a Clover white marker for this process. It disappears with an iron. I have used these pens for YEARS and absolutely love them! They are found in most quilt stores. 

Brenda has her wooly snowflake all traced and ready to applique! She included the seam allowance at the bottom of the flake. This is just fine. The won’t have to hand stitch it down later. 

Kristie’s is ready for needle turn. She laid her flake down on the white line she previously marked.

Make yours in whatever method works best for you.

Use your white pen  to trace or freehand draw your stitchery flakes. If you want to trace them you can use a lightweight transfer paper sold in most big box craft stores and in some quilt stores as well. I like to use Saral for this purpose. It is a very good product. 

For the next two weeks you will be working to get your Snowman borders appliqued. We have made the borders so that you can do your applique work BEFORE you sew the borders onto the base of the quilt. This makes working with a long border EVER SOOOO MUCH easier!  You can go ahead and add most of the stitchery flakes too! A great TV project, right? 

My final post on this Quilt Along will be Monday April 8th. I want to give you a visual demo on how I like to make binding. You won’t want to miss this. It is fast and easy!  See you in two weeks.