Thimbles Show and Tell

If you think you’re too small to make a difference you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito. – African Proverb
So much to sho you but first I wanted to invite you  (if you are in the Atlanta area) to a lecture I am doing for the East Cobb Quilt Guild. I will be there with a ton of quilts and fun. St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Roswell Georgia. 9:30 am on Friday. I would love to meet some of my blog readers, yes I would!

Thimbles met last weekend. I had been missing in action for two meetings (sick, so sick!). In 10 years of hosting this fabulous group I had only missed 4 meetings. Guess I blew my record good this time.  When I walked into the room I got this surprise from the Earl de Schlep! (he takes such good care of me!)
The queen is back! and he is happy, very funny! Whatta guy!

Lookie! This is Elaine’s “Lady in Red”…only blue. My pattern, which is in the Quilt Almanac 2013 right now. Love this quilt. This quilt was originally named Mary Elizabeth after my youngest daughter but the magazine opted to change the name. It is a beauty. We still have a very few kits left. On my web site now. 

 Another quilt by Elaine! How cute is this and who doesn’t love a great house quilt…or a village. 
Pam and her Comfort And Joy allllll finished. Way to Go. It is magnificently stitched, that Pam does some gorgeous stuff. Leisa quilted it and boy HOWDY is it terrific. I think you can see the free motion feathers in the border. You should see the custom quilting she put on this quilt. 
Karin and her darling cats. A Buggy Barn pattern. Karin did a wonderful job and picked out just the right colors for her quilt. Love love love. Lover Karin Too!
Marie and her blue quilt. The fabric that was chosen was beautiful and fairly close in value blues. The quilt just pulsed with movement. I really was impressed! Just sayin…

Lara and her flying geese quilt. This is from the book 40 Fabulous Quick cut quilts. Soooper doooper Laura.

Sandy and her quilt. I think she said it was a baby gift. Not quite sure. Love the colors. Some little one is going to be happy!

Brenda finished her wooly pocket that we did in Ellijay. That is Brenda’s hand dyed wool too. STELLAR!

And then we have another Comfort and Joy finished quilt…from Brenda! Leisa quilted this one too. Brenda is going to enter the quilt in the East Cobb Quilt show…I hope is it accepted. Yes sirreeee. 

 Guess who? Brenda’s finished Snowbound wool with some cottons. This one BLEW MY SKIRT UP! I can’t breathe.

OK Brenda bought this pristine antique quilt. Why can’t I find great deals like this? Look at the and green. With some pink too and blue/purple too.  

Remember the challenge BJ, Marty, Debbie, Sara and myself are working on. Well here are Sara’s first two blocks. I love her “curly fry” vine and flowers. BJ named them curly fries. hahahahaha.. There will eventually be 3 tulips on that hill on the right. STINKIN CUTE

More later dear friends. Happy Spring.