New Site!

Silver Thimble Angel

Failures are few among people who have found a work they enjoy enough to do it well. You invest time in your work; invest love in it too! -Clarence Flynn

My first post from WordPress. I am so used to Blogger that it is going to be a bit of a learning curve. The first thing I need is the ability to change FONTS AND SIZES…Sara is going to fix that for me…right Sara?   I told her to please don’t  leave me with the BABY!!! I don’t want to go into freak out mode but I guess I can’t help it. So far this dashboard seems quite easy to manage, but it is also, 6:21 and I’m ready for dinner and maybe a beverage.

Hang with me my friends, join me on the learning bus!! So far the only complaint now is the font thing.

I’ll be back, I’m off to explore WordPress.

Pat (where is my signature??) oh my!!!