New Blog and a couple of projects

Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it.-Phillip Dormer Stanhope

Things are getting all hooked up around here. Just one more step to get my emails functioning on my ipone and ipad. i-confused! Sara will be helping me with all that this morning. Now I’m onto learning all about Word Press. When I open my dashboard I see Howdy, Pat Wys…HOWDY SERIOUSLY? HOWDY. Who says Howdy anymore? I would think it would be something like YO PRINCESS..or GOOD MORNING YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESS. Nope it is Howdy.  

Soo I want to tell you that there are ways to follow my blog or continue to follow my blog. First if have been subscribed to the blog through a reader you probably don’t have to do anything the newest format for my blog should seamlessly transition to your reader. If you want to resubscribe to the blog through a new reader (most people know by now that Google Reader is leaving us) Click on the link on the right side of the blog and follow the prompts. You also have the opportunity to have mY blog sent directly to your email address if you don’t use a reader service. (SUPER cool!)

I have fonts! I have tons of stuff to discover and learn about with Word Press.This should be a rip roaring swell time.

I am going to  go on a fabric search with BJ today, we are on a mission with a new pattern! bj AND i REFER TO THIS AS FABRIC HELL, YOU KNOW THE SEARCH FOR THE MOST PERFECT FABRICS FOR THE LITTLEST DETAIL OF A QUILT.  I also have a mystery quilt for the blog that I will be debuting sooo very soon. More searching for the perfect fabric. I’m super excited to do my first on line mystery!! whooop whoop. (love this last font..It is kinda ME!)


See this sweetie pie? Well! she called me and said “Mom I know what I want for my birthday!” Which happens to be Aug 4th…and I kinda already had something in mind. “What darling girl I would do anything to make your 25th birthday the best ever?” I said. Which was my first mistake. ” I want a tee shirt quilt with all my sorority tee shirts.” 

After the paramedics left I am now wrapping my mind around this project. I seriously thought I had escaped from TEE SHIRT HELL. nope…nope…nope… Please think of me during this time of my tee shirtness. I love her so much which is a good thing.