Fat Quarter Quickie! Blog Tour

Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put

in his or her heart. -Ruth

The above comment is for you Kathy!

I originally wrote this blog post on Thursday in anticipation of not being at home this weekend. I have been with my quilt  club Thimbles teaching until late this afternoon. Unpacked and rested a bit and went to sit down and read all the lovely comments about my friend Kathy Brown’s newest book. HORRIFIED, there was NOTHING….zippo…NOTHING!. (after I passed out and and recovered) I began trying to figure out what had happened. Of course it was the problem with my new blog…WordPress blah blah. I blamed WordPress.

I cannot tell a lie, what we have here is operator error. Wrong date on the date and time to publish this post. Yup my friends…I am beside myself, it was all my fault. So late in the day comes the post with my apologies. Let’s get to thefun stuff. 

My friend Kathy Brown is probably one of the most giving, caring and prolific quilt designers in the business. Did I say she is also humble? In short I have some Kathy love going on and my respect for her as a person, designer and human being knows no bounds. I hope her book Fat Quarter Quickies is a huge success and that you will enjoy it as much as I am. Let’s chat about the book. I love the detail directions for her ruler on page 5. I can hear her voice and feel the the casual yet detailed description of her ruler. At the root of ALL is and does is a TEACHER. Love the ruler too! What a smart idea. Yep this ruler is one I will be demonstrating in my own quilt classrooms as I travel and teach around the US. As we say in the south “gotta git cha one!”

I decided that I would try to pick a favorite quilt from the book. This took me a week to settle on my absolute favorite. I lost sleep trying to decide which one it would be.  I love love love several of the designs but the one that wins the prize for me is “Caribbean Cooler”. I love the no borders (if you no me I do alot of quilts with not borders.I love Kathy’s choice of fabrics. Bright  Batiks…genius. The name is so appropriate for the fabric she chose and I espiecally love that she put a person touch about her family vacation in the quilts description. See I told you she was warm and thoughtful didn’t I?


The best part of this quilt is how quickly anyone can see and addapt the quilt to ANY fabric genre. Kathy says that in her “From Your Sash” comment. Yes sir! this quilt is going to be made by me when I go on retreat with my friends. I’m going to pre cut all my fabrics just like Kathy tells me to do and then I’m going to sew my brains out. I’m sure I will have a finished project when I leave retreat.

I think you will find all the projects in Kathy’s book to be well written and carefully thought out. You can order her book right here my friends…



Because of my “late in the day entry.. of my official blog post for my dear friend Kathy”.I will draw the winning name to win Kathy’s newest book and I will throw in a little surprise book of my own. A double win and a thank you for your patience.  So put a comment on this blog and I will draw the name of the winner Sunday night at midnight. (you have plenty o’ time.  Then I will go to sleep and announce the winner Monday morning after I drink my coffee. Don’t worry I’m an early riser.

Tomorrow is Julie at Jay Bird Quilts day to blog about Kathy’s book. Join me and let’s find out what Julie has to share with us! http://www.jaybirdquilts.com/.