Productive weekend

To obtain maximum attention, it’s hard to beat a good mistake.

-David D. Hewitt

After a lovely 41st anniversary I’m back to work finalizing the design for my first Mystery Quilt. I will be filling you all in on this fabulous quilt beginning July 1st. Today I’m making prototype blocks to check on the construction of each of the units for the quilt. You will be happy to know I do check these things.

This weekend I finished 2 charity projects and one gift project. I’d say that was a productive use of my time.. No grass growing under these tootsies.  This is a neutral quilt request that is the gift project. (kinda crummy photo, sorry) This is a quick project that was different and fun for me. I normally like quilts that have a tad more visual interest but I enjoyed putting this one together.


This quilt also gave me the chance to “get better aquainted” with my new sewing machine. I know it is odd to say that I haven’t spent hours and hours of sewing time with the new machine. I made a discovery!!!!  I was struggling with my machine feeling like it was pulling my fabric LEFT plus I had a difficult time maintaining an accuarte 1/4″ seam.  The machine also pulled the bottom fabric away from the edge of the top fabric., no alignment so to speak.. I nearly lost my mind. I was sure that this new baby was going to get packed up and sent to the hospital. Then Lisa said for me to adjust my foot pressure. (huh?) I’ve never had to do that before! It took me 21/2 minutes to read the manual, make the adjustment and I’m good to go now. It never occured to me that I would have to make that kind of alteration to a brand new machine. (see above quote!). New blog note: I have to approve your comments to my blog. Once I make that approval you will not have to be approved again. I think that is how it goes., however we may need to revisit the above quote again!

Getting ready for my new blog give away. Are you ready???? This week the news is coming your way!!!!