We have a winner

 Love is such a big word, it really should have more letters.

-Kobi Yamada

I am drinking my second cup of coffee getting ready to jump into this day with gusto! I have my Teaux Deux list ready and I vow that the sun will not set on the items on the list. First up is to announce the winner of the Fat Quarter Quickie blog tour. Thank you all for entering! I hope you will come back to my corner of blog land to visit me again. Let’s get to business. I dumped all the numbers in the Random Generator thingy which is ver scientific. Here is the evidence!

Congrautations to number 10! Cecilia!!!!  


Contact me with your snail mail address and Fat Quarter Quickies by Kathy Brown will be all yours, signed sealed and delivered.In addition as a special surprise I will send you a gift from me, perhaps another book. hmmmm.

Kathy Brown has been the star of our show I love her more than I love Cheetos! Thanks for honoring me with the oportunity to talk about your book much success!