A Very Special Quilt!

One thing we can’t recycle is wasted time. – unknown

Well one thing is for sure. There is no time to waste time around here. Thimbles club meets this weekend. Friday 10am – 10pm Saturday 10am – 3 pm. Then the week of all weeks begins on Monday. It is SUMMER STITCH IN time!This is our 9th annual Summer Stitch IN. We sew from 9am – 9 pm Monday – Saturday. 6 days of crazy fun. I am the Mistress of Ceremonies! The ring leader, the big Kahoona, the Queen of Summer Stitch IN, the nuttiest one in the bunch.Fun, merriment, tons of quilts and a tad bit of food are in order. I will send you blog reports on our progres..

I want to share a special story. My book club aka “The Bookies” got together at my house to make a quilt for a special friend that is going through cancer treatments. With the exception of myself and Julie M., the Bookies are not quilters. FEAR NOT. I taught Kindergarten and First grade for 23 years, I can get them through this! I’m not scared.  They were terrific. We had so much fun. We stitched and talked all day long. Eileen brought us a fabulous lunch and we managed to finish the quilt by 3:30. Amazing huh? We stitched magic healing powers into the quilt too. Leisa is quilting it and we are going to get it to our friend quickly so she can take it along to her treatments, and cuddle up with it. I’m so proud of the girls they worked hard and did a fabulous job. OH BTW we made the quilt from shriting fabrics. It is so soft and sweet and lovely, understated and old fashioned looking. I like the look so much I may make another one for my guest bedroom! (or maybe I will just get a grip and concentrate on the massive TO Do list that follows me around)  Here are some pictures of our day.

Vickie Quit collage

As you can see even my Grandog got into the act. I have been keeping her while Russ and Emily went to Italy for two weeks. She is leaving this morning and I am soooo sad. I love that dog!