Summer Stitch IN the sequel

The problem with yogurt is that it is not pudding!
– Pat Wys said this morning at the Stitch In while eating her morning yogurt

Here we are ready to begin our day. Leisa is here dropping off quilts and picking up quilts to work her longarm magic. Before the “games” begin I wanted to show you some more action from the 9th annual Summer Stitch In.

Last night we had screaming laughing till our sides hurt. I think once we eat dinner we get a little crazy. One of those times when you had to be there to get the full treatment.

Karment and her half hexie quilt. Understated and terrific!!

Here is Julie with her cross stitched quilt for grand daughter. 2 Grand mothers, 2 great aunts and aunts all contributed. So sweet!

The naughty and nice list…why is my name up there with extra strikes? If you hear any stories they are not true!

And there it is part of Kristie’s Sprigs and Stars quilt. Yes sir. She is on her way. There are no words for this quilt. No words at all.

That Sue is sewing her brains out!! She is focused let me tell you!!!!

More later, time for the rug making demo..

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