White Chocolate is HERE!

The art of living does not consist in preserving and clinging to a particular mode of happiness, but in allowing happiness to change its form without being disapppointed in the change; happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up. -Charles Morgan

About those quotes. If you read my blog you know I always begin my posts with a quote. I have collected quotes for YEARS, DECADES…FOREVER. I have quite a library of books dedicated to the fabulous quote! Sometimes I find a quote that is appropriate for my blog topic (if I’m lucky). Most often I do not. I just read a quote and stick it on the blog post. I even added quotes to my first book Spotlight on Neutrals.  The quote today struck me as blog worthy and thought provoking. Kinda true don’t cha think? Ok enough of this. I have an announcement.

Several years ago I put together a log cabin quilt that used neutral fabrics exclusively. The shop where I was hosting my club made the quilt into kits. We offered it to the club (we had a new quilt kit offered every month which was optional for club members). That kit was amazingly popular. I’m telling you they were cutting kits like crazy. This quilt began my journey into the use of neutral fabrics using them as the “Stars of the Show” instead of just backgrounds. I love to put neutral quilts on my bed and change the quilts at the bottom of the beds seasonally. I also love to gift neutral quilts. They are simply timeless! 

When I wrote my first book, I remember doing a book signing with all the quilts from the book on display. A lady walked in and said “Look at all the beautiful quilts she made with all that ugly fabric.” I almost died laughing. Didn’t know if I should cry, kiss her, or punch her in the nose!!!  Why am I telling you all this?? Well we have put together a kit from that pattern which is in my first book. (I already said that, my English teacher whould be so proud, redundant!)  You can find the kit righthttp://www.silverthimblequilt.com/shop/white-chocolate-kit/. I’ll be right here waiting for you. Here are a couple of shots of the quilt. See that pillow on the bed. That is my Wrapped in Comfort body pillow. A FREE download on the Martingale web site. Yes sireee. www.martingale.com.


White Choc from book

The shot below is not my quilt. The quit was hanging in the East Cobb Show and was so lovely. Do I know the maker or the quilter, nope. (note to self take notes at the show or save the program!)  The quilting was spectacular too! I tried to steal it but those white glove ladies at the show slide tackle you  if your hand even goes near the quilts. They do a great job.


PS. There is a little hit of things to come on this blog post. Key word…..you figure it out, put a comment on what you think it is and you may win a little sumthin in the future. I will draw a name or maybe two!