Book time!

I’m so excited,de dah dee, that I just can’t hide it dee dah doo, I’m about to lose control and I just can’t hide it..dee dah dooh dahh dee. (are you tapping your foot and singing along with me?) – Pointer Sisters

I am so happy to say that I am ready to take pre-orders for my second book “Knockout Neutrals”. If  you order from the website , I will sign your book all nice and personal. Then The Earle de Schlep will send it along to you! (he is speedy too) The book ships October the 8th so I should have it in-house around the  17th. I will stay up all night signing books.  We will get them out as quickly as possible that is for sure!  Now for some inside the book comments.

I have to say that my first book “Spotlight on Neutrals” was so much fun, tons of work, and lots of learning went on. Ok, I cannot tell a lie.  Let’s not forget that there was some stress too!  I am super proud of the book and more than thrilled with the quilting world’s response to the book. This is an honor for me knowing that so many have enjoyed the book and many are still discovering “Spotlight”.

B1096 Spotlight on NeutralsThen those amazing friends at Martingale honored me again and asked me to do another book! This book is personal. It came straight from the heart. The writing, designing, making the quilts, came at a difficult time in my life and my family’s lives. Ditto the above comments about fun, work and lots of learning and the stress part, but to this statement we need to add love, joy, friendships and healing. This book came from a deep place in my soul. I had angels standing by me and without them (friends and family) the book would NEVER have happened. I am forever changed from this experience and from the events of this past year.  I think the quilts in this book are some of my best designs for sure. Like I said….THIS BOOK IS PERSONAL.

b1180_cHere is what I’m going to do. I am going to blog about the book once per week until it is released for shippment Oct. 8th. I will select projects in the book to highlight and chat with you about. I want to give you some up close thoughts on each project and how them came to be a part of the book. Each time I blog about the book I will have a give away. (start that dancin!)  You never know what I will give is a secret to be revealed on the day that I blog about the book. You won’t even know what day of the week I will choose. So you will want to pay attention! I’m going to pull out the stops and empty out Earle de Schlep’s 401k and have myself some fun. I’ll be rackin up some goodies for you for sure.

We begin today! Leave me a comment say Hi or tell me a story, and I will choose 3 people from the comments on THIS BLOG POST. Each will win a copy of “Knockout Neutrals” and a spool of my favorite Aurifil thread. This thread is ALL I SEW WITH ALL THE TIME. Every quilt in this book and my other designs are sewn exclusively with neutral Aurifil thread. AND  NO, I’m not paid to say that!! it comes straight from my heart and from this fabulous new book.  Leave me a comment and I will announce the three winners on Friday August 30. So you have time get busy I love to read what you have to say.