It’s Official!

Never lose your sense of wonder. – Joe Batten


It’s official.The day, the hour the moment. I can finally show you the cover and talk about my new book, Knockout Neutrals. Isn’t it a beauty? Look at that cover. Doesn’t this cover make you feel all  snuggly and comfortable?  It is saying come on in let’s make some amazing quilts. sigh.

Then there is the fact that  I have another number in the Library of Congress! (That  tidbit of information…just kills me! ) Knockout Neutrals will be shipping to stores on October 8th (well that is my nderstanding at least). I will let you know when we will start preorders here on my web site. Autographed  by me (this just kills me again!)

The long road to bringing this book to the world and keeping my mouth shut about it, is finally coming a an end! (thank goodness I hate keeping this a secret) As a blogger and a desinger so much has to be kept quiet. I have wanted to talk about what I’m doing for what seems like FOREVER..nope not allowed! I want to photograph it all and write about it, NOPE NOPE NOPE! I want to tell you stories NOPE NOPE DOUBLE NOPE.

Not any more I’m free! Get ready cuz I have some stuff to share. For today, there is just the cover. (it kills me everytime I look at it)

More to come and soon!!!! I got some stuff to say and share after I recover from posting the cover. (Doesn’t it just kill ya?)