Knock Your Socks Off!

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.

Leonardo da Vinci

Accomplishments! They come in many ways and quite often unexpected. I wanted to show you three different quilts shown this past weekend at our  “Thimbles” club meeting. They are all very different and all accomplished.

The first is Sarah’s quilt. Perfection in sewing down to the precise measurements and lovely choices of fabrics. Here it is, with the proud maker.

Sarah edited

Sarah entered her quilt in the “Just Judie” contest which is being sponsored by Marcus fabrics in honor of Judie Rothermel’s 25th anniversary. Congratulations to Judie for bringing us goodies to sew with for 25 years. WOW!! And big CONGRATULATIONS to Sarah and her quilt above for being chosen to be in the TOP 25 of the quilt entries!!! This is such a wonderful thing and such a wonderful honor bestowed on a wonderful person like Sarah. I must say right here and now that Leisa Wiggley did the quilting on Sarah’s quilt and it is utter perfection. Leisa always knows how to compliment a design and not over power it with quilting. This is so important to a designer. Ask me how I know this. So big clapping and jumping up and down for joy to Leisa as well!!!!

Our next Knock your socks of quilt today is from Elaine

Elaine EditedHer quilt is a pattern from Lori Smith (can’t remember the name at this moment). Elaine has a huge talent for choosing just the right color at the right time. She has the EYE. Sewing perfection is also her talent. I love the softness of the browns and tans…it  sets an amazing stage for her sampler blocks. Once again…quilted by Leisa I wish you could see it up close. You would be amazed and your socks will have flown off and out the door.

Now we have Linda and the Nativity Scene! Paper pieced, ALL OF IT. Holy Cow! I think it should be hung up and displayed year round…with a spotlight on it.. and candles lit in the quilt’s honor…I’m tellin you this wall hanging is a masterpiece. Yes sireeee yup!

Linda edited

Most of the people in the room thought Linda have the quilt framed after it has been quilted. What do you think? I believe she is having (YOU KNOW WHO…Leisa) custom quilt it. Leisa will do this quilt some justice and custom quilt it perfectly!

So, where are those socks now? I didn’t fool you did I? Fabulous quilts from members of the Silver Thimble Club…I am so lucky to get to spend time with these wonderful quilters (and there are 60+ others in the room too!)  Visit us in the suburbs of Atlanta every third weekend of the month. Sarah, Linda and Elaine will be waiting for you with big smiles! I’ll be there too probably running my mouth and playing with my friends.