Life is better when you are laughing – anonymous

Are you a reader? How about a book club member? I have been a member of a book club for 12 years (I think that is right). We have read so many outstanding books through the years. Here are my top 10 reasons to join a book club.

#1 You read!

#2 You read stuff you may have never chosen to read. (ever!)

#3 You read some more.

#4 You get to choose books for your friends to read.

Good House

Julie’s choice this month. We liked it. Easy read fun chat about the story and the protagonist of our book. Her name was Hildy.

#5 You try to choose well, 99% of the time this works out but after 12 years there are some duds. Who cares we read ON!

#6 You get to be with friends you have known for decades, special people for sure.

#7 You get good food when you go to the monthly meeting at your friends homes, which rotates every month (and adult  beverages! BONUS).

#8 When they come to your house you get to choose the book/topic, and you feed them good food which leads to trying new recipes, which leads to reading cookbooks, it is all about the reading!!!

Julies salad

Julie’s Cobb salad watermelon, Zucchini bread w/orange butter (you could smear that stuff on an old shoe and eat it). Fabulous homemade dressings..and some wine. There was desert but I declined (a moment of temorary  insanity) and can’t remember, I think it was cheescake.  All served on a neutral quilt which was one of my patterns, “Tic Tacs” cool huh?

#9 Girl friends who read are amazing!! They raise you up regularly. Join a book club you will see. Trust me I would not kid you about this.

#10 Sometimes you discuss the book in detail and sometimes you just laugh, and talk! Sometimes you cry, (this is the raising up part) .

The “Bookies” are the best! Love me some book club night.