Home Sweet Home

Gratitude changes EVERYTHING!!!

– unknown

It has taken a few days to get home and get the home back up and running. Massive unpacking, catching up with messages both business and personal. Shopping…for food. One thing about traveling for a long time you know you are going to come home to a strong desire for a home cooked meal. Time for the back to business mentality BUT FIRST here we are with my first blog post since returning home this weekend. Whewww! 


I am so deeply grateful for the opportunities that a put in my path. Lately it was my visit to Michigan. I loved every stop along the way and saw a beautiful state. From the tip of the mitt in the Petoskey/Charlevoix area to the thumb of the mitt in the Bad Axe area and then to the base of the thumb area in Saginaw we saw it all.IMG_3000I loved these guys…Maurice, Martin and Shod (the little guy on the left). I seriously love them!  Martin decided to relieve himself right when I took the photo. He is going to have to learn some manners! OH MY!

You would think that my memories would be of the quilts and guilds and stores I visited. Well, they are there but my strongest memories are of the PEOPLE. The quilters. Those amazing women and men who share the common bond we all love so much….SEWING. There are a few that stick in my mind and I think they know who they are but all are strong memories of friendship, warmth, hospitality, stories both happy and sad, and in general just kindred spirits. I am so blessed to do what I do. Trust me I DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED. I am grateful beyond words. Thank you again Michigan from the bottom of my heart.


The cherry on top of the milkshake was  a