Knockout Neutrals the Cover Quilt!

 Trust is to human relationships what faith is to gospel living. It is the beginning place, the foundation upon which more can be built. Where trust is, love can flourish.

Now that Knockout Neutrals is no longer the BIG SECRET I can talk and talk and talk. Wheewww it has been a long time coming let me tell you! I’m here and so are these quilts. I’m going to show you one today.

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

Let’s just talk about this quilt. It is the cover quilt. The name of the quilt is Road Trip. It reminds me of street crossings and listening to a GPS not quite sure of what way to go. The quilt is a super scrappy mixture of every neutral in the book. We are planning to kit this quilt some time after the book release in October or early November. Stay tuned. What I want to say about neutrals is that in making an all neutral quilt you don’t have to give up the idea that the quilt will not have visual impact. Just look at this flat shot.  Road Trip is a quilt with tons of movement and contrast. I designed the quilt without traditional borders…just pieced setting triangles. I love to leave those borders behind.  The binding is scrappy (which I love).

R.T. photo

The back story, the personal side. This begins the story of a book that came about during a difficult time in the life of my family. I seriously did not know if the book would get done. Then the angels came to my side and offered to sew for me. This quilt was stitched by “Marty Angel”. She stitched 2 quilts in the book. Quilted by “Lesia Angel”  who quilted all but 1 of the quilts in the book. What I learned is that I can design, have a vision for the look that I want  for a quilt and communicate that vision to a friend and….this is the big one.TRUST. The vision was exacatly what I wanted. There was TRUST.  

I did not choose the cover. My friends at Martingale made that choice. I love every quilt in the dang book so I was glad to know the cover was in their hands. They always know what do to…again TRUST. I think that re-learning those lessons we thought we knew so well is important. Don’t you?  TRUST IS CRUCIAL. Having angels on your team is a blessing. I sure would love to know what you think of this quilt. Send me some comments I TRUST YOU WILL. I will draw a name and you will win a prize.  An e-copy of Knockout Neutrals!   I will announce the winner on Monday  Oct 9th.