What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create. Buddha

Two projects from the new book Knockout Neutrals. Two different ways of thinking about the use of neutrals. Two completely different looks, with sidebar comments of course! B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

First! The classic way of thinkingof a neutrals combination of fabrics. Black and White of course! What is more neutral than that? Here is what you don’t know. When I wrote Spotlight on Neutrals I PURPOSELY did not include a black and white quilt. I wanted to communicate that we can look at the use of neutrals differently and not just go to black and white fabrics. In Knockout Neutrals I used black and whites a little more. This quilt is called Day and Night. It is super easy to construct and looks terrific ( I’m allow to think that right?). 

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd

The second quilt OH MY. The name of the quilt is J’Dore! And I do ADORE!  This stunningly beautiful quilt is so elegant, so calming so so so lovely. I wanted a quilt that was sophisticated and peaceful. This is what I designed. I used a damask like fabric with gray silk. Yes, I said silk! Silk is not hard to quilt/piece all you have to do is use an iron on WOVEN fusible on the back of the fabric. I stabilized the whole piece of fabric and then I rotary cut the pieces just as you would cottons. WOW! I would recommend dry cleaning the quilt rather than washing.  You could use most any print fabric that you want to really show off. The sashing units are paper pieced. There are a bunch of them as you can see (160). Leisa put some amazing quilting on this quilt too!

Tricia Angel piece the body of the quilt for me and I mitered the borders and did the scalloping after the quilt was quilted. Tricia is my amazing Sister in Law and her middle name is Accuracy. This woman can sew..let me tell you. She passed out when I told her there were 160 of the rectangular units. She proceeded to sewthem up in a jiffy. The final look and feel of the quilt was exactly what I was going for. I am so grateful that she is the one who helped me bring this quilt to a reality. This design had been rolling around in my head for some time, and here it is with the help of Tricia Angel.

B1180_Knockout Neutrals 4ths.indd