Aurfil Thread! Design Team…holy Cow!

 Create, grow, try and expand, dare jump and see where you land….unknown

 Late does not even describe what I am in announcing the winner of my e-book drawing. The name I drew was Debrah Newhall…Debrah please contact me. You should receive your e book..Today!!! Why have I been so late in posting? Well I have been doing a lecture and workshop for the Gwinnett Quilters Guild. So much fun because I had so many many many friends in the house. Once again the BIG reminder of how grateful I am for the love and support of friends and family. Yesterday was a busy workshop with fabulous quilters soaking up information. Then we have the preparations for Houston underway. Getting ready for Quilt Market is enough to push anyone over the edge but things are moving along in a good pace but other things are being negelected….like blogging…and cooking..and sleeping. All part of the normal stuff in October.


Here is the biggest news..I’m telling you my skirt blew up on Tuesday morning when I saw that the “Official Announcement” of the 2014 design team for Auriful Threads was announced. I was teaching and doing my lecture so I could not write about it until now.  While we have known for a while about this, it had been a secret to the public until this week. Guess who was asked to be an Aurifil Designer of the Month??? Ok…me. What a thrill and an honor. I’m pinching myself everyday about this. I will be talking, posting, blog hoping and in general trying to keep myself under control for the entire 2014 year. Stay tuned.Here is the link to read alllll about it. BTW I don’t even care that half my head is chopped off in the picture. Can you believe this?