Dancing with the FEET is one thing, but Dancing with the HEART is another. – unknown

 BIG BIG BIG stuff will be happening on MONDAY. Yes sirree I’m going to be back on the radio with my friend Pat Sloan. As the quote says above we are going to dance with our HEARTS! Come and CHAT WITH PAT AND PAT! We will talk about my newest book and other fun things going on in the wonderful world of quilting.

Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Pat Wys Nov guest (2)

Let me get you all “hooked up” so that you can join us. 4pm EST. There are several ways you can listen to the interview. Here are the linky thingies. That is my technical way of saying click and listen.

This is the link to the American Patchwork and Quilting podcast site:

Here is Pat Sloan’s radio show page on her  web site.

Now you are all fixed up, get yourself a cuppa coffee, tea or what ever floats  your boat and join us for a chat. We are sure to have a good time. (we always do!)

show time is Monday 4pm eastern, 3pm Central, 2pm mountain, 1pm Pacific

 I said that already…right? The chances are good you may hear this again too! Work with me here I’m kind of excited and over the moon about this. Let the dancin begin.