Knockout Neutrals Book Blog Hop!

People are prettiest when they talk about something they love with

passion in their eyes – unknown

My book review blog hop begins tomorrow Monday November 4 and runs through Friday Nov8th. Look for books and goodies to be given away each day! My dear friend Kathy Brown will lead the way tomorrow with her spin on Knockout Neutrals! I love me some Kathy Brown let me tell you that.

Kathy Brown

Kathy has a new book making its debut as well Strip Smart 2! Which is fab-u-lishous! We have challenged each other to an “all in good fun” THROWDOWN to see whos book sells the most. If you were at Market you would surely know that we had big fun teasing each other. I love her to death and her book is a sure winner (but we all know I will ultimately win the THROWDOWN!)

Go check out her review tomorrow and tell her I said I hope she is resting after being at MARKET AND FESTIVAL!