If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that! -unknown

I have a new partner. She is not the most dependable partner. In fact she is only a part time partner. I find myself in co-ownership of a 85lb. Yellow lab named Lucy. She is a bundle of nothin but love, and is quite possibly the sweetest dog I have even known. They don’t call them Loyal Labs for nothing!. My part of the co-ownership comes when the other owners of said sweet dog decided they need a vacation or in general need me to step in as co-owner and grandmother to this grand dog! Personally, I think she needs to stay with me…FULL TIME! This opinion is not held by my other “room mate”. He thinks we are done with the dog business! However he enjoys Lucy’s visits very much! With the possible exception of the bombs Lucy leaves in the backyard. Did I mention she is 85lbs. You can imagine the rest.  My full time roomate of 41 years enjoys the empty nest as well. He likes an even calm life style. Me.. I like to keep things busy and slightly crazy. I suppose you are not too surprised about that!

L #2

Today BJ was here far a design consulation over a new quilt of ours. Lucy adores BJ. Could be that she knows that in the pockets of her jeans are always TREATS…just for her. BJ is a sucker for cutiepieness! Yes, Lucy loves Auntie BJ. We threw the quilt down on the floor and were messing around with some rick rack and…well check out the photos. Lucy had to get right in the middle of the design process. She had definate opionions on what we were to do with the quilt. She liked it a lot and thinks that you will like it too. We will show it to you after it is finished and pattern is written. I promise. So friends, that it is for today. I’m going upstairs to finish my version of said quilt. I am super excited about another project BJ and I are starting so I find myself motivated to get Lucy’s quilt finished. Lucy says she is tired of this quilt and that she wants to start something new. She is a very pushy partner.Gotta run Lucy likes to have a “Frosty Paw” treat around this time of day. She loves doggy ice cream! She loves Camp Grandy too!

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