A Message from Raquelle!

 I believe in angels the kind that heaven sends, I am surrounded by angels Icall them my friends.

The above quote is for you Kathy!

It’s my day…I get to talk about Kathy Brown and her newest book STRIP SMART IIOH HAPPY HAPPY DAY! I think you would agree this has been a super fun book review blog hop. I am honored to be a part of this amazing group of quilters.

Strip SmartWhat can I say that has not already been said? I am choosing to put a personal spin on things.

First we had Carrie in addition to writing a great review making all of the quilters in the world want a copy of STRIP SMART II she gave each member of the book review team a new name. A stripper name (GET IT? Strip Smart the book!). My mother would be so proud. My name is Raquelle Nightheat. I love my stripper name so much I’m having it monogrammed onto my Christmas stocking. Thanks Carrie!

Carrie(and your little dog Rosie too!) 

Barb and MaryOn Tuesday Barb and Mary (Me and My Sister Designs fame!) gave us another amazing review complete with great photos of the ruler Kathy uses to create the fabulous designs in her book. STRIP SMART II. Barb and Mary are my best friends. We spend as much time together as we possibly can. I can’t wait to see what they got me for Christmas!!!  Ok…I cannot tell a lie. I adore Barb and Mary their designs and fabric but we have never met. Hopefully that situation will be corrected in the near future. They are the cutest people and I know they will love me! (it is all about ME right?)

Pat SloanAs if Kathy had not gathered enough fabulous designers…we  hear from Pat Sloan. Who in the heck can dispute that Pat Sloan is a major mover and shaker in the quilt industry. Who doesn’t know Pat Sloan?  She gave a wonderful review of Kathy’s book STRIP SMART II and had the best cropped photos in her review! She does things with such class. Does the woman sleep? If Pat Sloan loves this book then we all gotta have it. Pat is named after me of course. We are sisters separated at birth, I’m sure of it. just sayin

Pam Kitty MorningHere comes Pam Vierra-McGinnis aka Miss Pam Kitty Morning. Another of the funnest people who ever was FUN. So happy all the time. Whatta review. She is making a quilt from the book too! She told us that she made a quilt from Kathy’s first Strip Smart book. I think she is Kathy’s best friend. I am pretty sure I am Kathy’s bestie!I love you too Pam will you come and visit me soon we can invite our Kathy to come?


FINALLY FRIDAY..IT IS MY TURN TO REVIEW Strip Smart II.I began this blog post BY ASKING the question “What can I say that has not already been said???”  You have seen the projects in the book ,learned how the ruler works AND  heard all the great stuff from  the other reviewers. I chose to talk about the above designers..fabulous one and all and now let me tell you about my BESTEST FRIEND Kathy!

She writes a little story about each of the quilts in the book. Kinda makes each quilt be “personalized” and “special”. So I will do the same about HER, cuz I’m her favorite right?

Kathy BrownSee that smile. It is contagious and she walks around with the darn thing on her face ALL DAY LONG…AND ALL NIGHT TOO. Ask me how I know this. She spent 3 1/2 days at my house so I’m an expert. She is a genuinely nice person, this alone should make you love her book.STRIP SMART II

Gaga ruler Then there is this! What in the heck kinda measuring device is this? Only Kathy would look at this and say “Hey, I will write 2 block buster books and every quilt in both books will use this ruler”. My best friend Kathy is like that! When I first saw it I said, “Is this some sort of quilters undergarment?” A new form of bra support. I like to refer to this as the LADY GAGA RULER! If you look at it with an open mind you will understand why I call it that!  Seriously people, who dreams up this stuff?  Go back and read all the blogs about this ruler thingy and you will be running to the store to get one AND get STRIP SMART II because you are going to want it once you have the GA GA ruler. This will also give you another chance to comment on all my friends blogs and win some cool stuff.  Would I lie to  you? 

I have to tell you a most interesting fact about Kathy! She does not wear proper shoes. She wears flip-flops and sandals YEAR ROUND. Yes she does. When she comes to see you she will have on sandals. It is a foot thing, she is so cute standing there in the snow with that smile as mentioned above and her beloved sandals! I am taking up a collection for her to visit the foot doctor to get a lecture (but don’t tell her).

The best part about Kathy, beside the fact that she has this new book out called STRIP SMART II

is the depth of her kindness and the size of her heart. This woman (who is my best friend) loves her husband and daughter and has such a friendly warm and loving sprirt. Her happy joyful spirit is contagious.  She is completely wonderful. Let’s ALL wish her great success with STRIP SMART II RUN don’t walk to your nearest quilt shop and purchase STRIP SMART II. You won’t be sorry. Would I lie to you?

Let’s talk about goodies. These prizes are DOOZIES!  Put a comment right here on this post and I will draw a winner on December 9th. You have a chance to win a grand prize from Kathy. She is giving away 5 sets of the following… A BOOK! A RULER (GAGA) AND SOME FABRIC TO START MAKING A QUILT FROM KATHY’S BOOK 

STRIP SMART II. Start commenting and tell me ABOUT YOU.


Raquelle Nightheat

(Kathy’s best friend)