I am a quilter. What’s your superpower?-unknown

I have some great photos of our show and tell from last month and last weekend. Here are the quilts!  My my how these ladies can quilt. Enjoy the eye candy.I took these photos just for YOU~

Jan.14 thimbles

The first photo group is a trade that a group of friends got together and traded blocks. The pattern is “Wear Warm Clothes” by Country Threads. Dang is that quilt cute. The top right is Karin’s all shirting quilt. She used the Yellow Brick Road pattern and set the blocks on point. The quilt is just so soft and lovely. Here is a little secret I love shirtings! They make my skirt fly up for sure. love love love! The bottom row is the beginning of the “Road Trip” pattern which is on the cover of my book KNOCKOUT NEUTRALS. Sarah’s quilt is in color…and is spectacular. I’m not kidding either.

Jan-14 Thimbles 2

The next group is one of my favorite quilts “Lost Socks”. This quilt was a trade set up at the Gwinnett Quilters Guild last year. I think that it is Karin behind the quilt. If it is Karin then you will need to give her a round of applause because she has completed the quilt and she is alergic to applique. I love her and I love her quilt..good thing because she will whine about the applique. Me thinks she really likes it and is a closet appliquer. The top right corner is Marty holding the base of the Sprigs quilt. That thing makes my heart race. sigh..The bottom right corner is MY DESIGN, the “Emily Jane” quilt in BLUE BLUE BLUE AND SHIRTINGS. I can’t take it. It is named after my daughter…and it is BLUE!!!

Have a lovely day peeps I hope you enjoyed the show and tell!!!