The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places  no one has ever been before. -Albert Eienstein

I have been in a blissful conundrum! That is an understatement. I opened to write this blog and looked at the date of my last blog. FEBRUARY 4TH. Seriously? Have I been mentally gone for that long? Well Pat, what the heck have you been up to? Here is my story.

My name is Pat and I am obsessed with designing and sewing. Yes I said obsessed. There  you have it. I have been working on SERVERAL projects I am over the moon about and which consume me to the point cannot think or do much else. Let me say this is a joyful thing first and a problem if I step back and think about it. My days FLY by with the speed of light. I look back and realize that the ONLY thing I did that day was either design or execute the designs.I have been joyfully lost in my work. Somebody please come to my house and make me go out into the world. So do you see the positive and negative side of this? Here is another negative that I have just thought about. Have you left my blog thinking I was gone forever? H.E.L.L.O. I am here. I love my blog. I just slapped myself across the face like Cher, SNAP OUT OF IT! I’m blogging and ready to touch base with cyber space friends. whewww. I have so much to say. Let me show you some photos of some projects from “Thimbles” club! 

Lynn's tree skirt

Here is Lynn and her Slice of Christmas tree skirt made from one of our kits. The pattern can make either two skirts with slant seams or one skirt with straight seams. I may have shown this in the past but I love this version and the fabrics so much I HAD to show you Lynn’s.

Sarah's bag

This is Sarah’s bag. I wish I could remember the name of the bag and the designer. If anyone reading this blog knows the answer to that question would you put it in the comments for others to see and enjoy. I know this is the smaller version of the pattern. Sarah used ALL WOOL. I need to tell you that when she showed this at retreat, and then at Thimbles club everyone went NUTSO over it. Major cute factor going on here my friends!

I want to show you just a bit of another good thing that is going on here at Silver Thimble World Headquarters. THE BUNDLES ARE COMING. Stay tuned because if you come back on Friday I will explain. (and you may find yourself in a bit of a give away party!!). I’m blogging again and proud of it. Gotta go, sewing is calling me.

The bundles are coming