We have a WINNER! (or 2)

The great man is the one who does not lose his child’s heart. – Mencius

Thank you to all who entered my Pat’s Picks give away. I read every comment (numerous times). I am so excited that YOU are excited to step into the wonderful world of Neutrals. There is MUCH to be learned as we make quilts with the absence of color. Please contact me at any time if you need to “chat” about your quilt making adventure. I am first a teacher I love to hear from you! I promise. Not to the techno stuff. If you are a first time commenter on my blog I have to approve your comment. Once I have approved you or waved  you in, your comments will appear right away on future blog posts. This is a precaution and meant as protection against spam and unwanted stuff on the blog. I hope all of you will visit my blog often and leave me some comments. I love to read ANYTHING you have to say and I am grateful that you take time to pay me a visit. Now lets choose 2 winners. Here we go. It is random number generator time. I took all the comments and add a couple of extra referral numbers to the generator. Here is our first winner!

Winner #1 Number: 48 Sandra Aiken

Screenshot 2014-03-06 08.00.57

And our second winner is…

 Winner #2 Number: 21 Emily Callender

Screenshot 2014-03-06 08.05.43

I am so happy to be able to send these lovely grouping of 12 fat quarters to you both. Send us photos of your all neutral quilts! Thank you to all for participating. I’ll be doing another give away soon. Time for me to head to the sewing room. whoopie!!!!