Hello my name is Pat

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. -Audrey Hepburn

Hello my name is Pat and this is my blog. Today is a special day! I Just discovered that today is the one month anniversary of my last blog post. oh the shame of it all.


After the paramedics left and I recovered from my neglect said blog, here I am. Thank you to all who have commented and sent emails and wished me well and blogging again. I am fine and all is well, but honestly I have been LOST in a world of designing, writing and happily so. I have traveled and taugh some this past month with fabulous trips to Alabama, and other guilds this month. We all know I love this part of what I do, and yes I must blog about that more. Can you tell I am feeling guilty over the neglect issue above? LET IT GO PAT. wheww that felt good.

Right now I am racing to get this blog post out because my computer is going to sick bay today. As Scarlett said…”As God is my wittness I shall post before this day ends!” Here is what I want to tell you as soon as my computer gets out of the hospital. Here is the important news of today. Please go visit the Martingale Stitch This Blog today because guess what? Today is my day to be a special feature..How fun is that?

Here is the link: http://blog.shopmartingale.com/quilting-sewing/learn-about-color-value-with-neutral-quilts/

The computer guy is in my driveway. I bet he is scared right now.