Joy Rising!

I promise this very day that I will repay you two blessings

for each of your troubles.

-Zechariah 9:12

I shared this post yesterday but it seems that a lot of my friends did not see my shared post” on their facebook accounts. I am reposting today on my blog and facebook with a bit more to say. Below in blue are the original comments from Emily and Russ. They also used the quote at the top of this blog post on their facebook announcement. How perfect is that???

Announcement photo

Happy Easter to you and yours! On this day filled with hope, birth and renewal we are thrilled to share that the DeLoach TWINS will be joining our family in October! God is so good!

And now another word from the FUTURE GRANDMOTHER (tha’d be me! it is my blog right?)

It is is sooooo time to feel real joy. Our little family we has waited nearly two years to feel this amount of extreme joy. There is a pep in the step of my daughter and Son in Love that I forgot and privately feared would never return. They are so happy with the thought of these two babies soon to come. As the Grandmother in this situation I can tell you that those two are going to be outstanding parents. I will never have a worry that my Grandchildren aren’t loved, nutured and cherished every moment of every day. They are so ready for parenthood. MORE THAN READY.

As for me and the Grandfather? Hell yes, bring it on. I can’t wait. We don’t want to co-parent we want to be good time Grandmother and Grandfather…blow the doors off the spoiling thing so to speak. I have plans BIG PLANS, HUGE! (there will be quilts too!) Life has given us turns in the road since May 7,2012 and now we will experience the joy of new life and TWINS. BRING IT we are all ready. We are a blessed family and stronger is so many ways from the loss of our sweet Jackson. We will honor his memory and love and care for his siblings forever. What we have now is real hope and the promise of years of joy. As I said, we are blessed and we know from where those blessings come.

If you want to feel joy…come on over, I swear it is palpable. We may need you to help rock a baby!!!!