Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. -Albert Einstein

Time to ketchup! I have been buried in work and I need to share some quilt show and tell from Thimbles meetings that have come and gone with no post from me. Let’s talk quilts! Look at these quilts. Once again the show and tell quilts that come out of my Thimbles Club are amazingly awesome. This is perhaps one of the many things I will miss the most about this club. sigh. Here is some Friday eye candy intended to inspire you to get going and sew!

Marie stain glass (1)Here comes Marie. She made this quilt twice! She made it to give away and when her husband saw the quilt he said that he really liked that quilt. (he may have whinned) So what did Miz Marie do? She made it again. I think she really must like that guy!

unnamedI think this is Marie Too! Sometimes the show and tell quitls come up so fast I have barely recovered from one quilt and then they start flappin another one at me. sheesh…I can’t take all this wonderfulness at one time. This quilt has a lot of grafic appeal. I like it very much.

Lynn H. WowWill you just look at this beauty. It the is work of Lynn H. I tell her all the time to keep sewing she will get better. haha. She certainly knows her way around a sewing machine and  that is the TRUTH!  My photo does not show the 10 million flying geese in the borders of the quilt. If I showed it to you it would cause you to faint.


Another beauty from Marie. Will she make this quilt twice like the other one? Me thinks not. There is Marie peekin around the corner. She is just precious!


This quilt is by Candy and it looks like a Candy quilt. I believe she said she was making it for a family member who is teaching young children. It was made to hang in her classroom. I taught Kdg. and First grade for over 20 years here are my words for that quilt. If she hangs it on the wall the quilt is safe. If she takes it down and lets the children play on it…KISS THAT QUILT GOODBYE in a hurry. Just sayin! 

Marilyn Hexies

And now we have Miz Marilyn. Hexies anyone? Her plans for this quilt is to applique the piece onto a background and use it as a table runner. I did this with a table runner in my book Knockout Neutrals. Table flop is what I call them you just flop them on the table and instant decor. Marilyn loves to to hand work and this is wonderful for fall. I may have to borrow/steal it.


Marilyn again.A wonderful small version of Marty and Kristies Sprigs and Stars quilts. Told you she likes hand work! What a great idea too.SMART LADY!

 Ok I’m getting caught up. More to come and I won’t wait so long! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend friends. Wave that flag! God Bless all who serve/served our country.