Celebrate Christmas Blog Hop!



Today is my day to celebrate Christmas with Martingale’s newest release Celebrate Christmas. When I tell you that I get a bit over the moon during the holidays take me very seriously. Ask my friends. I can hardly wait to begin some new additions to my holiday home decor with this new book. The problem is….I am trying to pick a favorite. Maybe by the time I finish writing this blog post I will have chosen my first project to make.

This book is a compliation of projects from  Martingale friends. (they are my friends but I will share them with you) Can you imagine what it would be like to go to work everyday with people who know everything there is to know about publishing and they are QUILTERS, AND KNITTERS,RUG HOOKERS, & SEWISTS, too! How in the world do they get anything done??? 22 projects…seriously 22??? ALL IN ONE BOOK…dang!!!!

Let’s talk about the technical and esthetic stuff. First of all, as with all things Martigale, the book is just well done! I would not lie to you.  Illustrations in color, great photography, templates right there with each project so we don’t have to wear ourselves out flipping around looking for them (save our strength for the sewing part), embroidery stitch diagrams and so much more! The book is a joy to sit and look through and plan plan plan. You might want to get a mug of hot chocolate to futher enhance the planning process. JOY TO THE HOT CHOCOLATE  bring on the cookies!

Time for the awards ceremony..que the music….

In the category of STINKIN CUTE  we have:

These snowmen..They just crack me up. So cute. I would love to make them and put them on the bannisters of my stairs. I can’t stop smiling.

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

Then we have this apron. My girls would enjoy this so much. They are Christmas crazy! (So the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess.)

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

New category:WOWZER!! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT? (I am a designer after all).

This Ode to the Grinch blows my skirt up. My dear friend Leisa has an entire Grinch tree. I’m always looking for gifts for her. Maybe I’ll make this for her. (Ok I’ll buy the book and put it under the tree, works for me.)

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

Polka Dots! I dream in polka dots. This would be so much fun to make and embellish, yes sirreeee. STinkin Cute!

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

This is the best idea! I like them all but I particularly like the embroidery one.What a great idea. Classy too. Why didn’t I think of that???

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

And now for the final category 1-800-GOTTAHAVEIT!

I love mantle scarves. This one is so different! I need, and want it real bad! I think this could also work on the shelf in my office. Oh the possibilities!

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

These pillows are pillow perfection. She had me at silk dupioni! I am a fabric mixer. I adore wool, silk, cotton, linen and when you combine it all and add words, I’M DONE ,OVER THE MOON.

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

Oh MY!!! now we have neutral stockings. You are talkin my language here. Be still my neutral loving heart.Wool knited sweaters too? sigh.

B1236 Celebrate Christmas with TPP Finals.indd

So now do you see my problem? I just can’t choose a favorite. I think I will read all the blog hop reviews and then decide. I’m not going to miss a minute of this blog hop. How about you?? The schedule and links are below for you to stay in touch.

Let’s talk GIVE AWAY! The comment section of this blog post is open for business for 1 week. That would be until Thursday July 3rd. Tell me your favorite family holiday tradition. I will draw a winner on Friday morning while I’m drinking my morning coffee and then annouce the winner. (drinking coffee…it is a process).  The winner will receive an e-book copy of Celebrate Christmas. Plus I will sweeten the deal with a Christmas surprise of my own. An e-book copy of my book Knockout Neutrals! Ok go on now, comment away I will be reading every single one!

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