Joy Rising

Sometimes you don’t realize the weight of something you have been carrying until you feel the weight of its release. -unknown

 No quilt talk today, just very personal joy. We had a gathering this weekend in celebration of the “gender reveal” of  twin GRANDCHILDREN soon to come. Only one person in the group knew the gender of the babies. Emily’s dear childhood friend Ansley. The secret was sealed and mailed to Ansley right after the doctors appointment. Ansley, in true Ansley style set about decorating two giagantic boxes filled with balloons that were to released to the sky at the reveal..(and to sweet baby brother Jackson gone too soon) . Ansley is one special young woman let me just say that. She did an amazing job. She and Emily met in First grade!



All this was super exciting  there was screaming and merriment, jumping and clapping, laughing and crying galore. Here is my take on the whole thing.

The gender reveal was in NO way about finding out gender. We could careless what the gender was.We just want healthy and breathing! It was the beginning of a giant turn in the road for our family. A time to finally be joyful.

Emily jump

I knew all this going into the evening but what I did not know was what my reaction would be to all of this. All I can say is that there are times in life that bring you to your knees in different ways. The death of Jackson was one of those of course. This was another one for me in a different way. In a simple evening I felt joy to such a degree that I swear you could see it and touch it. I was overwhelmed by, and I am forever humbled by that. To the people that have supported us for two years. To those friends and family that prayed, cried and silently kept our family close at heart for 2 long years. I swear I will NEVER get over it never forget or be able to repay. My gratitude knows NO BOUNDS. Quite simply I am still knocked down to the floor on my knees in grateful appreciation for all that saw us through these dark dark times.We are richly blessed with friends.I will never take that for granted. EVER.



My daughter and Son in LOVE are back…they are happy. Seeing them happy and hopeful again is all a Mother and Father could possibly ask. The saying “A mother is only as happy as her saddest child” is so true. During the days after the loss of Jackson Emily asked me, “Mom, will we ever be happy and MEAN IT again?”. I said yes but I really wasn’t sure of that either. Today and every day going forward I can say with confidence!!!!


and we mean it now!

 To friends far and near…eternal gratitude..easy words to say but said with all my heart and seriousness here!

To those babies warm and snug, growing everyday inside with their mommy,

Owen Andrew DeLoach and Walker Neil DeLoach

you are going to be loved and celebrated by a lot of people. Cherrished as ALL children should be. We can’t wait for your arrival.


This one is hilliarious I couldn’t resist!