All plans are soft!

Just about the time you make plans…bahhbammm!

On August 4th I reintroduced myself to my blog and was so excited to be blogging again. I didn’t blog that week because I wanted readers to have time to catch up with me and also the topic of that blog was, Michelle
Foster who was the Aurifil designer of the month for August. My intention was to come back to regular blogging on the following Monday August 11th. I HAD BIG PLANS for my blog. Then came the “don’t make plans part. My daughter who was pregnant with twins went into early (30 weeks) labor. Those boys just couln’t wait to get here. Owen and Walker are in the NICU and jumping hurdles like champs! More on that later. So here I am with my list of many many things to blog about A.G.A.I.N.
Let’s start with today and I will save my other stuff for other blog posts.

 Doing the happy dance for sure because guess who is the September Designer of the Month for Auriful. You guessed it..that would be me. You can read my interview right here. Don’t forget to read the details about how you can will a box of Pat’s collection of Aurifil thread worth $$$120. smackers.Big WOWZER!

 Sept collage

 To be chosen with this group of outstanding designers by Pat Sloan and the Aurifil team is to say the least a huge honor.We had so much fun taking this photo at quilt market last fall. What a great group.

 Market Photo

Please leave me a comment and tell me if you enjoyed my interview and the block I designed. Here she is! Each star has a story!
 I will be choosing a winner from the comments on this blog post to add to the fun. I will choose 2 winners (2 in honor of my twin grandsons!)  each will win 2 spools of my favorite neutral threads. Yes sirree I will make that choice! You heard me right I said 2 winners. I love your comments and will enjoy reading and rereading every single one!
 I am with my grand babies and daughter in the NICU a lot these days so I will leave this post open until Sunday Night 9/8, midnight Pacific time, and will announce the winners on Monday morning. After I drink my coffee. See you soon!